Shouldn't we be feeding each other's delusions?


Yes, we should be feeding each other’s delusion the way lesser mortals exchange ideas. Needless to say, most delusions are not only false, but planted by our enemy so we may be discredited and deemed unworthy witnesses of his power. But a core of delusions, are in truth expression of the divine spark within us. Look within yourselves and it is I who you shall find.


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Due to

Feeding others delusions :laughing:

I’m not sure I understand you but it seemed interesting!!!


Well this an intresting idea, I think instead of feeding others delusions what about helping them understand them.


Only the ‘delusion’ that there is no such thing as a delusion, which of course I haven’t defended. But yes, one way or another this thread will be shut down


That too. Just pickling our brains with choice chemicals seems too blunt


It’s a crazy idea :crazy_face:


You are not a god. That is a grandiose delusion. And feeding each other’s delusion is a terrible idea. That’s called delusion confirming and it’s very dangerous for schizophrenics.


The aliens told me that was a bad idea.


Honestly, understanding has been the greatest gift. Insight insight insight. The more insight you have. The less delusional you will be. For us sz we must understand somethings greater than a neurotypical to find sanity of mind in some regards that’s what it takes. Sometimes for me at least, that’s understanding more about the delusion. Reading more in delusional areas so I can say “I don’t wanna be that”. That’s just been my experience. I think this boards been good for helping me understand what’s a delusion and what is not but sometimes I must read Terence McKenna to understand better some things too, that I can’t on this board. Not saying we should change anything but that’s been my experience


In my opinion, delusions don’t get better or worse by others’ opinions.


I’m still calling a delusion a delusion. there are many views on the nature and origin of delusions, I think it is only fair that I/we should be allowed to chip in the debate. Besides, who are we to decide who gets to play God and who doesn’t?


Delusions have their own life.
Some don’t get better no matter what others say.
Everyone may deny it, but to schizophrenic it’s more real than anything else.
The same if others agree, it doesn’t influence them. Delusion will not get bigger just because others agree.


I dont want my delusions fed thanks. I do enough of that myself.Im starving them at the moment with meds. And thats how its staying :slight_smile: