Should we take pride in the meds we take?

What are your thoughts on this?

I take pride that I stay on my meds.


I dont know, But we should certainly be greatfull they’ve come up with something to help us out.

BIG PHARMA should have t-shirts and hats printed like money they are pulling off it.

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Without them I am sure we’d be locked up for life. I know for sure that therapy alone wouldn’t have got me out of hospital.

We should take pride in who we are, and be grateful for any help that got us there.


It’s a funny way to phrase it. I’m not sure how you mean it. We should be proud of our pills? Or we should be proud that we take meds? Pills saved my sanity for sure. They’re a fact of life for me and have been for more than thirty years. If I had a choice I would not like to take them.

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No, just we should try to realize the reason for meds we take.

To help us with our positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

To help us want to live, work, have relationships with others.

For me I would like a med that made me feel like I did with 14hours of sleep a day with the meds Im on, with only 5hours a day, or maybe the standard 8hrs a day.

With no problems falling asleep. I fall asleep pretty good with the meds I am on. Just need 14hours a day of sleep to feel like I am not bieng controlled by somthing people admit to or not.

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My Dad has a heart problem and takes a blood thinner Warfarin so he doesn’t have a heart attack and pass away.

He doesn’t LIKE taking his meds… but he does like having a heart that isn’t attacking him.

I don’t LIKE taking my meds… but I like having a head that isn’t attacking me.

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Your very lucky,I can’t even sleep for 10 hours,would like to sleep for 10 because I think I needed it

Why pride? If the meds offer benefit and you can accept the trade offs on sideeffects , then take them.