Should they teach stuff about mental health in schools..?

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yea they should

Local councils should advise head teachers on what is the ideal method of teaching it in schools. But good mental health lessons should begin in assemblies and be practised at regular but appropriate intervals throughout the day by pupils. For example there ought to be 5-10 break before, during and after lessons for pupils to practise mindfulness or breathing exercises. A recreation room for listening to classical or mood music to prepare for the day. The décor and furnishing of classrooms should allow nature to inspire pupils; an open and tranquil environment in which to learn. Not a place of ghastly overbearing authoritarian figures with a grim insistence upon discipline that too often break children’s sense of creative learning.

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While I don’t think they should ignore it, I think a course titled mental health will only give them a false impression that their knowledge is complete by the end. There’s too many ways this kind of knowledge can be improperly transmitted and mishandled by people who barely understand it (The teachers didn’t go to eight years of medical school, I’m wagering).

Yes they should since 1 in 4 ppl will have a mental illness

I believe that in health class there should be a portion on mental health, like mental health hygiene/self care and whatnot, when to seek help, resources available and all that. I could’ve really used something like that as someone who was a child w mental illness and no one to turn to and know awareness of whether what I was dealing with was normal or not and not even a full awareness of being ill.

Furthermore parents should be informed about maintaining mental health for their children just like they are encouraged to keep their kids physically healthy, should know warning signs and all that and what to do if their child approaches them for help, common misheld beliefs, etc.

First my high school should have perfected teaching math, English, science and geography. Then maybe after they got halfway decent about teaching those they could have worked on teaching about mental health.
(and by the way, the teachers at my high school were not exactly the poster child’s for mental health)

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Thought they did unsure why they didn’t in your schools. Pretty much the story of Sigmund Freud which covers it all just where we are now is the problem.