Should i take the whole pill like pdoc says even tho i think id do okay just taking half

my pdoc says the 9mg on invega i was on is equal to 20mg olanzapine and was going to prescribe that dosage but i told them i used to be on 15 mg olanzapine before switching it and i never had much symptoms on it, so i got prescribed 15mg a few days ago and she says i should take that but i think i would ok just taking half (~7.5mg) as i havent had significant positive symptoms in years and maybe that will reduce the metabolic side effects olanzapine has on me


I’m not going to tell you what to do but I will share my story.

I was on 40mg of olanzapine but very slowly tapered off that and switched to Lurasidone. I started Lurasidone at 20mg, then 40mg then 60mg and at that dosage I felt fine. I had no symptoms and no side effects. My pdoc wanted to increase it again to 80mg, and he mentioned that every time I saw him for quite a while but I refused to go higher. I have been on 60mg for almost 3 years now and am stable and doing great.

I would say keep your pdoc informed and work in consultation with him but if you are stable on a lower dose then stand your ground and refuse the higher dose, that is what I did. Personally I don’t want to be on any more medication than I have to be because I don’t want to risk side effects. But I do want to be on medication because it makes me better.

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