Should i take antidepressants or not?

This year was rough for me, i probablt went on antidepresaants and off like 10 times. Im on haloperidol and so beloved lexapro stopped doing almost anything to me. Recently was on trintellix, seemed good, but dizziness like vertigo like really annoyed me. I kinda liked cymbalta and it also increases effectiveness of haloperidol. Risperidone and lexapro was such a good combo, sadly i relapsed on this combo really bad. Also my psychiatrist quit her job due to car accident and another psychiatrist doesnt care about me, i think he has some kind mental illness, like weird behaviour. Now im really stuck, should i try cymbalta again as i cant get any other antidepressant, as i remember I went off cymbalta because i found it too stimulating and I couldnt orgasm on it and sexual function always gets in my way.

You really have to take them everyday for them to work.

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I stayed for few weeks and saw either no benefits or annoying side effects and quit them

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Unfortunately, most ADs take more than a few weeks to work. It’s more like 6 weeks, so you kind of have to hang in there to see any effect…


I agree. You need to have some patience.

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I was on lexapro for 4 years, it just stopped working, 4 months on cymbalta, too big of a trade, 1 month on trintellix not enough helpful. Antidepressants usually for me starys working from 2 nd week

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I found antidepressants never made me happy, they didn’t really do much of anything, just took the edge off a little bit. I’ve only tried two. Paxil and Effexor. The withdrawals were brutal, especially Effexor…

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Antidepressants do nothing for my depression, either. I’ve been on MANY. All different classes of ADs – SSRI, SSNI, MAOI. The only ones that touched it were the MAOIs, but it was brief, and then they pooped out. SSRIs don’t agree with me at all. They make me crazy or more depressed. Right now, I’m on an SSNI – Pristiq – that does nothing for my depression, but does wonders for my anxiety, so I’m going to stay on it. Which is good, because the withdrawals from that are agony – like Effexor (Pristiq is a derivative of it).

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I would say whatever you choose, try to stick with it and give it a real chance to work. That’s been my dilemma too. As soon as I get to feeling better I back off. Cycle repeats. Wish you well!

I am on Cymbalta and I really like it now.
If I could choose any antidepressant/pain killer/benzodiazepine combination, I don’t think that I could make anything better than just taking Cymbalta alone.
Lexapro is fine for anxiety disorders, but not so good for depression as it only affects serotonin. Prozac and Zoloft are better for depression (if that is only mental disorder) as they affect dopamine as well, but if the patient has bipolar and schizophrenia, they will find it difficult to find a happy medium between negative symptoms and mania.
Cymbalta is greatly affected by other drugs or medications, for example, a smoker will need to take double the normal dose, and someone taking Fluoxetine or Paroxetine will need to take half the normal dose.
If you find it difficult to orgasm on Cymbalta try reducing the dose.
If you feel depressed on Cymbalta try increasing the dose.
Here comes the problem. Cymbalta is destroyed by stomach acid, so the powder needs to be taken in a gastro acid resistant capsule. Which is a lot more hassle than cutting up tablets.
Cymbalta is available in 20mg, 30mg, 40mg and 60mg Capsules, so if your Doctor is willing, you could take a combination of different strength capsules to make any dose from 20mg upwards in 10mg steps.
It easier to get all your other medications right, before adding Cymbalta.

Both suck, but at least you have found something for your anxiety, mine used to be so bad I became agoraphobic for a couple years. My anxiety went away, in large part, a long time ago thanks to CBT, that really made a difference in my life. My depressions stuck around for over a decade but faded away a few years ago so I am no longer on an AD.

I’m also on clonazepam for sleep, but a “side effect” is that is eliminates any residual anxiety because it’s actually FDA approved for panic disorder, I use it off label for sleep. The only time I experience anxiety now is if i have too much coffee too quickly…

I hear ya. I had that problem early this year, too, before I went on Pristiq. My chest hurt so badly, and I could barely move. I had to have my groceries delivered.

I know that’s really worked for you! I tried it a little bit, but didn’t get committed to it enough, I guess… I think my therapist does it with me, though he hasn’t officially said so. He’s very behaviorally focused.

A decade is brutal. I’ve been battling on and off since I’m a little kid. That’s so great they faded!!

Yes! Definitely! Nice that you get the added bonus. I have both diazepam and Xanax in my house for PRN, but I try to take them as infrequently as possible. Xanax is what works on my insomnia.

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