Should I keep looking for a med that works?

I am taking 600 mg Clozapine and 5 mg Haloperidol and I still hear voices all day long. It’s been this way for years. I want to find something that will take the voices away, but I’ve tried before and stopping the Clozapine usually makes things way worse. Should I keep trying to find a drug that makes them go away?



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i think all medications are some sort of tranquilisers.for me to your might need Antidepressant

This is probably a conversation you should have with your psych-dr. He has the most experience with meds.


I gave up on making the voices go away. I just keep on the medicine that got rid of the delusions and paranoia and deal with the voices. I wish the meds would quiet the voices, they do for some.

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I would discuss it with your pdoc @SnowTiger. Maybe he or she can recommend an alternate treatment.

You may have to learn to find a balance between having voices you can manage and a low enough dose that you can function because you’re not completely tranquilized. Tough as heck and I walked that tightrope for decades.


i feel no matter what i will always be sick.john was sick all his life.everyone is different anyway.

you have to come to an agreement with yourself.and find peace.but medication still helps.

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