Should i go to the counselor who 'forgot' the appt?

Last Thursday, had appt with counselor, but she forgot. We sat for an hour drawing, even paid copayment but did not get seen. Would rather not go back, but my wife and daughter both think it’s a good idea, have run out of meds, was having serious problems for some time but now things seem ok, really don’t want to go now

Well, she needs to work on being punctual but missing an appointment she had with you doesn’t make her a bad at her job. She may be an excellent therapist. Maybe you should give her the benefit of the doubt and set up a new appointment. If you see her several times and you don’t like her or you think she’s bad at her job it is certainly within your rights to fire her and get a new one, if there is another one available. But yeah, I would give her another chance.


I am supposed to see her once a week now, my daughter suggested i call the day before to verify, that sounds like a good idea, but i think the initial shock of what is happening has gone so i am adjusting to this reality and honestly don’t know if i will discuss anything because my goal is to avoid the hospital,

Guess that is part of the problem but telling them what really happens has never worked out so well for me

I didn’t tell my Doc that I drove to another province and threw a rock at an outdoor drive-in movie theatre screen…

I was worried he would have me committed. So I just let that little episode slide in any of our discussions.

Well, in theory a therapist can help you stay out of the hospital.
Anything you tell a therapist is in strict confidentiality with several exceptions. If you tell her that you committed certain serious crimes they are obligated to tell the police. If you think seriously that you are going to hurt another person physically than they will probably hospitalize you. But if you just tell her that you get angry a lot they will not hospitalize you for that. If you seriously think you will harm yourself they will probably hospitalize you.

Not talking about everything is sometimes better, yes?

I think you need to be honest with your Doc in order to get the best treatment available for your condition.

I was pretty much up front about everything else going on in my head, that I felt it wasn’t necessary to divulge my little excursion.

Be straight and good luck with your next appointment! Let us all know how it goes! :slight_smile:

That is true nick, it has always been difficult to talk about what happens, if i let them know how bad things are, they freak out. Even now, discussing this, they monitor this stuff, it’s really not secure, but it’s my only channel at the moment other than channeling demons into drawings or paintings.

Thanx Patrick, i don’t know, but will make an effort, it’s been a long while since talking, will let you know what happens Thursday, thank you :+1:t6:

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See if it happens again. I went to some mental care that acted this way and their staff messed up appointments lots…Also ran into city with lots of staff talking nutty when you call up…Actually, most of the mental care was so bad in this city, returned to my old psych doctor 3 hours away after doing some therapy with new lady, got through the upsetting part and had TONS of strangers harassing me following the appointment and got ran off from my new evening class at the college by 20 people yelling at me and calling me name, professor who asked if I was a thief. Said he ruined someone else and ran them off…Discrimination does happen …

Can be advantageous to keep the old predictable psych care and just drive it. I only go twice a year so is not a big problem…Got in more trouble shopping for new care.

Remember, get angry, get locked up. Just check out some new care and cancel next appointment if situation doesn’t work for you.

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