Should i go on disability for school?

I could do it but is it even worth it. R the perks even good? I mean ill get extra time on assignments but i don’t really need extra time. And what do u havebto do? Just fill out a form. Idk ill see i guess. Maybe it could be useful for really stressful days.

I registered with the student’s with disability office… it helped me out so much when I was getting started.

There were note takers in my class… and that helped me…

I got access to tutoring

I had a chance to take test in a different room that I could concentrate in…

I also had access to counseling that helped me get into the grove of study and how to plan for upcoming assignments.

I feel it helped a lot. I don’t need their services as much as I used to. But I don’t think I would have made it that first year without them.

If you mean try to get disability to pay for school… I don’t know much about that.