Dilemma Of What to do

I have these things going on and I have no idea what to choose. What would you do?

  • Do IT Interview and potentially get another IT job
  • Study Mental Health Nursing in September for three years
  • Carry on landscaping
  • Go back to my old IT job (If they will let me)

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You have to make up your own mind but mental health nurse and IT sound stressful. I would go for landscaping. Maybe you need a holiday to relax, come to yourself and make the right choice.

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you sound like you are good at the IT stuff. depending on how much you liked it at the old it place, i would do an IT interview and potentially get another job or stick with the other place if they take you back and you liked it enough. idk the whole nursing thing sounds very stressful to me. and plus the debt

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landscaping money sounds too unstable to me

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You said you could not do landscaping because of your health.

I would say go uni again, but I dont think nursing is right for you. If you had like a different suggestion for a career path, I would probably say that.

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I didn’t know what to choose but you seemed very excited about going into nursing… if you have your heart set on that its totally worth it

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This is the problem with it. I would very much like to do it, but finding work is a problem and I am not sure I could afford the 2-3 years it may take to get enough customers

These are my thoughts exactly. The IT job would be working for the NHS, who are a great employer

This many choices is already frying my brain as to what to do. I did not know what would happen when I quit my old job.

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You like working outdoors right? Why dont you get into environmental conservation or something like that.

I am thinking that even when you do get enough customers, the pressure and stress of maintaining that number of customers, consistently is maybe also a bit much? idk. (landscaping job)

that nhs IT job sounds very exciting. Maybe it is worth giving it a shot?
if you think you have a chance of being accepted Id give it a shot applying for it, nothing to lose if you do not get it apart from very valuable experience

that is if you think you have a chance of coping with that kinda job, I mean compared to nursing it would be less stressful i wudda thought

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just an outsiders opinion thou, if you end up hating it and getting it dont blame me hahah

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I agree with you I think on the amount of effort it would take to keep people happy with the landscaping if I choose that.

For the NHS IT job I have a video call for interview on 20th July

This is the thing, I didn’t think Nursing would be stressful because I am familiar with the mental health system as a service user. Not sure on this

It’s not something I have skills for.

The landscaping I do is building driveways and patios, fencing, lawns and stuff like cutting down trees

Lol. I thanks you for posting. I only have a handful of people in my life I can talk about this with, so your comments help me a lot - thank you

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I guess it can be a very rewarding job if you see them getting better over time, especially as a cpn, and obviously the fact that you have lived experience adds that empathy factor so they don’t feel judged which is great. for me personally i think all the learning is a big challenge. having to do exams is a pressured experience very pressured since you have to process and learn stuff for exams.

plus i would find it difficult to ‘socialise’ with the patients on the wards as i saw them do the nurses. especially considering all the different kinds of characters you get. plus i am a bit paranoid by nature in that kind of setting.

but yes you can get attached to that job in a pstive way if you can cope with it. just as i got attached to the nurses there in a postive way since they were pretty good.

idk if you feel you have the social and communication skills to deal with all the challenging behaviours that you can come across. you got to be pretty confident and assertive.

if you feel you have those skills or have very strong faith that you can develop them and plus you have the heart for the job (which i think you might do) then maybe it is for you.

what do others off the forum mainly suggest if I may ask?

i personally would go for NHS IT job but i am not you

i personally would find it difficult to associate myself so much with talk about hallucinations and stuff. I want to try and build some space away from it in my life.

my cpn told me about how he has patients who are in really difficult situations and it doesnt necessarily change. for me that is emotionally overwhelming and exhausting. especially cos i can kinda empathise.

on the other hand, you can say that it must feel great to just be there for them as a non jugemental person just a friendly presence, regardless of what mental state they are in and do or dont remain in