Should I get L-leathenie or sarcosine

It says l-leathenie is for sleep related

And sarcosine is for lessen symptoms

I have symptoms like: fear,overthinking, unfocused ( not like I need coffee all day),

L Theanine :+1:

I’ve been taking L-theanine, and it is the damnedest thing - It feels like it is having more of an effect on my body than my mind. It feels like L-theanine is loosening up my connective tissue. It feels like it is loosening up places on my body that have always been tight. I don’t feel much effect on my mind though, but I have been pretty much dysfunctional for 45 years, so it will take some time for it to loosen up the anxiety knots in my system. If you want to try this supplement, “Nature’s Trove” is selling a plastic bottle of this stuff with 365 two-hundred milligram pills for roughly $30.00, counting shipping, on ebay and amazon.

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I need about a gram for it to hit me like a benzo.

If you smoke cigarettes you wont feel it as much.

Go for l-theanine. It’s calming stuff, eases my mind.

I didn’t really like sarcosine.

Theanine is a keeper for me.

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