Should I cancel disney plus?

Mandalorian is over. I’d like to see another live action series, but I don’t know when there will be one.


I did a trial of it but wasn’t impressed enough to keep it. The biggest draw for me would have been the Marvel movies, but I already own them all, so…

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I think once everybody’s kids have seen the few movies (marvel/whatever) that they want to see then a lot of people will cancel.

I can’t see this being a competitor to Netflix for very long.

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I’m working my way through all the seasons of Kim Possible. It’s a bitchin’ good show.


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I disagree, there is a plethora of marvel cinematic universe shows coming out as well as at least another star wars show centered around Obi Wan. Disney is making it so that in order to understand what’s going on in the MCU movies, you’ll have to see the shows as well. Considering the fan base for the MCU, I think Disney+ will be the king of streaming services until the comic book movie craze has weened, which wont be for a long time.


I like it for my kids because I know whatever they watch there is safe. As an adult I can see why it is not really liked.

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mandalorian is really good. We promised 1 year of Disney Plus to our youngest for Christmas. I’m sure more good shows will come out. But if it’s out of your budget, cancel it. We get 1 subscription beyond YouTube live at a time and then cancel it when the show we’re watching is over and get it again later when we’re ready to watch the next season.

Except that Netflix has less and less good content with each passing month. All of the good shows are being pulled for other streaming services and you’re left with weird, subtitled crap like The Sniffer. Netflix is also the most expensive streaming service right now and I don’t think their limited Netflix Originals justify the extra. I think Netflix is in trouble.

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Netflix has content from all over. Disney just has Disney Marvel and Star Wars. I think they have Nat Geo too? It just doesn’t feel like enough. Netflix has a huuuuge library that draws from many different TV networks, and what it lacks, Hulu makes up for.

I really just view it as the streaming version of the Disney Vault. I’m not a huge fan of Disney, I’m just going to watch the Mandalorian and cancel it.

The Sniffer. The Protector. The New Legends of Monkey.


It’s not just Disney, it’s Fox. X-Files is gonna appear on there and I can’t wait to go through Myth-arc episodes now that I’m stable and free of positive symptoms.

The only subscription services I have are Netflix and Hulu. I get Netflix free with my cable, and I get Hulu free with my cell phone service. The only other entertainment-esque service I have is Sirius for my car, and that runs me under $8/month. My kids are too old for Disney movies nowadays, and movies that we really want to see (like Star Wars or MCU), we buy.

I got a deal the other day that was ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu for 12.99 a month. Well worth it so far

I think if you’re worried about it you should just go ahead and cancel it. You could always get it again if you decide there’s something you want to see.

Well if they expand their sources I guess they could do pretty well. They own almost everything now so that shouldn’t be hard for them to do. X-Files was huge, really cool gotcha moments in the first five minutes of every episode. I loved Agent Dagget (was that his name?) on the later episodes.

Right now I’m getting CBS all access for the new series Picard… I just wish there weren’t so many competing streaming services because the cost adds up. For like 7 years all I had was Netflix and Hulu, and there wasn’t much competition.

I got CBS All Access for Discovery, discovered it’s not on All Acess Canada, and then Mrs. Squirrel bootlegged the remote. I am SO SICK of NCIS!!!

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haha i hate crime dramas so much, just not my type of shows I guess.

I like some, but well-written ones are hard to find. We tried watching the new MacGuyver this evening as well. Um, gaaaaaaaaaaak.

The only real problem I have with them is how formulaic some of them feel. I also get kind of tired of the whole “talking to someone in order to get some information outta them” thing. Also the dramatic sunglasses removal.

I didn’t even know there was a new MacGuyver.

It stars the Scott Summers / Havok actor from the X-men reboot (Lucas Till?) He spends half his time smirking and the other half sounding like he’s reading off a page. Horrid.

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I’d come more going for DC video so I could watch Harley Quinn