Should I cancel disney plus?

Yea, you might also want to consider stopping watching tv and all this stupid non sense all together, but only if you want to grow up.

Growing up is overrated.

Amazon’s upcoming Tolkein one?

Well if you enjoy being in comatose than good for you I guess…

You realize you’re throwing stones at someone who functions better professionally than most of the neurotypicals he works with? I’m hardly comatose, it’s how I unwind after a challenging day. TV, music, video games.

Arent you a big MCU fan? Theres going to be a lot coming to Disney plus later this year and next. You have Wanda Vision, Falcon and Winter Soldier, the Loki show, and in a couple years a Hawkeye miniseries supposedly showing Hawkeye train his replacement. I’m most excited for the Hawkeye one because I love superheroes and villains who dont have super powers.

Also if i recall both Loki and Wanda Vision are going to be important for Dr.Strange 2.

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Ohhh I forgot about the Disney + exclusive Marvel series! I’m definitely gonna subscribe for WandaVision then. Not sure how they’ll bring him back?

The Loki series probably follows the 2012 Loki from Avengers.

I ignored all the Netflix Marvel series, hoped they wouldn’t factor into the MCU much, and they really didn’t. I think Winter Soldier did a tie-in with agents of SHIELD that got really bad ratings, but aside from that I think the Netflix shows can be ignored. Sounds from what you are saying, they plan to tie the shows from Disney + into the movies, which I guess would be okay except I’d have to purchase the shows on Blu-Ray (I demand my MCU canon collection be complete!)



So the netflix series are technically in the MCU, but they didnt effect the main stories in any way. With that being said, theres talks of bringing Daredevil and Jessica Jones into the main story of the MCU, and theres also rumors floating around about a possible punisher return on hulu. I’m really hopeful for the punisher because that was my favorite comic book tv show. It was amazing if you dont mind gratuitous violence. Daredevils actor was a great daredevil, but the plot was hit and miss for me.

I think they confirmed that Loki will be 2012 Loki, and his series will set up the multiverse, which is a main plot of Dr.Strange 2.

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I thought the Punisher movie that starred Travolta as the bad guy was pretty good.

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I loved that one. Thomas Jane made a great punisher, and the netflix punisher doesnt take away from that, it’s more of a different direction. Both are badass, but the series has more up to date effects and choreography, as well as a massive budget.

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A new Punisher show??

I might have to sign up for this.


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