Should I ask for a med increase?

The level in my blood is too weak

If you know your levels are too low, your doctor does too. Hard to forecast what your doc will do.

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Yeah the staff here contacted my doc bc of it

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Can’t hurt to ask, see what the doc says. What med are you on, what is your current dose, what is the maximum recommended dose for your medication.

I’m on Clozapine 200mg and Abilify Maintena injection 400mg
Idk what is the max dose

Clozapine’s highest dose is 900mg.
I take 300

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I think I’ve heard people on this forum mention they’ve been on up to 500 or 600mg of clozapine and it can probably go higher, so there is room there to increase. I’m not familiar with Abilify Maintena injection.

Sometimes pdocs will go higher than the max. I was on 40mg of olanzapine and the recommended maximum dose is 20mg according to the manufacturer.

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So should I ask about it?

Sure. If you need it

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