Share your good memories since you became ill

Let’s try to reflect in a positive way in this thread!

What are your GOOD memories that you’ve had since developing schizophrenia?

What fortunate things have happened to you since that you are grateful for, despite whatever happens?

Here are a few of mine:

-My favorite memory of all, of getting engaged at the Grand Canyon at sunrise. No one else was there but us, it was spontaneous but he happened to have a wooden ring from a friend in his pocket. He first asked if my parents would mind if he proposed! I had to ask him, “are you proposing to me?” and he smiled and I said “yes! YES!”, jumped into his arms and he spun me around.

-Seeing how happy my husband was on his first international trip to Indonesia, the awe in his face and his eyes.

-Buying my first diamond dove, I’d always thoughts birds were awesome but never dreamed of having a bird of my own (he eventually flew out the window hehe poor guy in all seriousness I was really sad)

-Seeing the first spring flowers in the dry desert.

What are yours? :slight_smile:


When they took the chains and leather cuffs off me and let me off the table the nurse was really nice to me for about ten seconds.

I guess it won’t be the best story to tell the grandkids before bedtime.


Getting some certificates from Coursera and Edx. Possibly useless, but I’m actually proud I got a programming certificate from completing a MITx course. I only did half the course, so I didn’t learn much, but I scored high in the beginning so I finished with a B I think. That and I paid the money for it. I tried multiple times and always gave up because the beginning was too hard. It just shows you how intelligence can fluctuate intensely from schizophrenia. I go from stupid but above average, to gifted. I think when I get better meds or the cure, I will do more in life and have higher confidence and self-esteem.

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I actually want to retake it and finish. I didn’t finish the HarvardX intro to CS50. It’s actually ■■■■■■■ hard and intense. It might be harder than the MIT course. But I want to do the MIT course again and then take the second part called computational thinking. I heard it’s even harder. Then I will feel satisfied with programming. They even have a java course from Princeton and it goes into algorithms and hardware. I might want to do that class too. Then I can apply to a cs program from WGU. I’ll be more than prepared.

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I won an ‘employee of the year’ award at my current janitor job about three years ago. They gave me a real cool plaque which I hung on my wall.

One really good memory is being best man at my dads wedding. I was wearing a suit and standing up in front of about 12 people but I think the focus was more on my dad and my step-mom, lol.
Actually, later that night the reception was held in a hotel room and as best man I gave a toast in a crowded room in front of mostly strangers. And I didn’t blow it.


Fell n love with my life partner and the live of my life. We’ve been together now for 7 years.


Finding the best AP that made me stable and not impulsive with least side effects.

Seeing my aunt and cousin that came from my country. I hadn’t seen them for 18 years.

Getting my physiotherapy major university degree.

Receiving the best video card in the market as a gift, Asus Strix OC RTX 2080 Ti.

Buying an LG 4K HDR 27" monitor


Accepting Jesus into my heart.

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Learning how to eat again

Psychotic symptoms going away, that was a RELIEF.

Joining a mental health support group for a year and a half

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Getting married and working to a level in a bookstore. Really enjoyed that work and life. Didn’t last but life is like that.


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