Sexually unavailable


I’m finding a thin line that defines sexual manners. In our day and age, sexuality has become such a variable. But really, do we act like infidels if we view everyone in a sexual way? Do I get careless and act like a dog or the opposite, wanting total control over a partner? I get so confused. But then, I am too old to do much more than contemplate. :slightly_smiling_face:


I thinks it’s normal to want to have sex with every Tom Dick and Harry. I just enjoy my sexual feelings and see them as a gift and as one of the best things in life.


I do not have any libido.
I am indeed an impotent.
My attitude towards libido is hostile,
but I hold liberal views regarding family( support for surrogacy, support for same sex marriage etc).


Even if mental illness, usually bipolar mania, makes many of us become more randy than we would ever naturally be if we were normal. WE (psych hospital patients, etc) need to insist on our own dignity. Regardless of where we are. That’s all, just be dignified. Not perfect…dignified.


That would NOT be normal for me. I don’t want to have sex with every Susie, Jane and Sally either.