I'm asexual

So I was reading this article and it hits the nail right on the head. I am asexual. I have not want just in general for sex or sexual attraction to anyone. Sometimes but rarely do I ever really want it. There are a couple types of asexual. Grey asexual, demi asexual, and ace sexual. I haven’t figured out which specific one I am but o do know I am asexual with on rare occasions i might want the D lol.

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Being born asexual would have solved a lot of my problems, because the men on my Dad’s side of the family have an exceptionally high sex drive. But, I think mine is starting to drop off with age, finally.

These med’s have a strong effect on our sexuality. I’m not nearly as virile since they put me on antipsychotic medication.

I’m asexual also! And happily married!

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I’m Aaahhh!..sexual! :wink:

Patrick I dont understand why you were flagged

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I don’t think that I am the problem at this point. I believe we have an overly-sensitive forum member on our hands.


I think sarcasm and joking is not the time and place. @anon39054230 I feel you do this sometimes when it comes to these kinds of topics. This is just my opinion. I however did not flag you. But I’m saying this might be why you are being flagged.

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Seriously @anon39054230 , you seem to only joke about sex and women.

Cant you find some humour in something else?

I didn’t flag you either.

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I’ve thought about sex a lot and on one occasion had a serious shot at it with a woman. I was horny as Heck but still didn’t bite. My situation made it difficult to ask someone out as I often was living at my Mom’s house, had no car, at times had no job, eventually became unattractive due to the meds, and much of the time had no place of my own. The main thing though was a strong sexual aversion anxiety probably caused by sexual violations at the hands of my peers when I was young. I believe it’s called tactile defensiveness as I don’t like people to be close to me. I also wake up at absurdly early hours and live in a place where I would break the rules in order to have it. I have questioned my sexuality often but there’s little question I will probably never really have sex because I’m really not interested in it. Thank you.

Flagged AGAIN!??

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Exactly who did I insult??

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