Sexual Dysfunction

Well, I’m very happy with the med I’ve been taking with 1 very important side effect…I have dry orgasms. I’m able to achieve an erection and orgasm, but nothing comes out…leaving my genitals aching. I’ve had less sex, and feel like I’m losing the desire to have sex. I’m not getting any younger at 30 years old, and I’m really concerned, but changing my mental health situation isn’t an option. I’ve been looking into supplements, but I’m not sure they treat this very specific issue. I did some surfing and found that 1 of several things is likely happening 1) My glands and feel good chemicals won’t allow ejaculation 2) Something called retrograde ejaculation essentially the semen is going into the bladder, probably due to the mixed feel good chemicals, or 3) now, I’ve forgot, but maybe hypotension…the med btw is FanApt

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Risperidone at higher doses also does the same thing for many, ask your doctor to lower the dose maybe

Part’s of myself have been waking up now that I’m on lower doses of Seroquel and have Latuda mixed in, tapered form Zoloft to a slightly lower dose of Xanax.

I still need my meds, but the lowering of Seroquel really woke me up.

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When i was on 3mg risperdal for a year i had the worest side effects in every part of my body, it was the mistake of my psychiatrist, and a mistake of mine that i trusted doctors so much, now i am on 2mg and i even cut the tip making aproxamatly 1.75mg, and i feel much better than following pdocs every suggestion.

Is Viagra useful for flow or just erection?

I think its good just for erection.

There are some antipsychotics that don’t cause any sort of sexual dysfunction. I think zyprexa is one (makes you want to eat all the time tho, which is bad). I’d bring this up with my psychiatrist.

Im taking Risperdal, the same thing happens to me on higher doses. Im on 2 mg now and doing better

I’m on risperdal consta 25 mgs my urge to masturbate has got less over the years. Sometimes i try and give up because i’m getting nowhere . Only ever had retrograde ejaculation with stelazine 30 plus years ago.

I’ve had ejaculation failure on Clopixol. I am now on Abilify and everything returned to normal.

I take invega sustenna (risperidone metabolite) and experience almost the same thing, nothing comes out of me and my orgasms arent as intense either very low feeling…

I will be switching to Abilify sometime hopefully everything goes well

Revv I hope everything works out fine for you as it did for me. It took about four months on Abilify for my libido to increase and for my ejaculation to return.

Changed to Risperdal and sex drive returned just enough…same family as the FanApt drug too, so it works the same way I think.

The less intense feeling is due to high prolactin most likely. Or low dopamine. A dopamine agonist like cabaser or dostinex brings the feeling back. So its dopamine/prolactine related.

Are you on an Antidepressant as well? Some ADs can really mess with the sexual function in men.

What all medicines can cause this?

I thought dopamine agonists where bad if you have a mental illness like psychosis/schizophrenia?

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hmm, I’ve always wondered the same thing…but the docs usually prescribe an antidepressant and antipsychotic at the same time, they gotta work together somehow.

Yes, Im just saying, that the problem is an unfortunate side effect of low dopamine.

That is likely accurate…this is the first time I’ve heard of dopamine antagonists though…Zoloft is 1 I assume