Sexual dysfunction and sociality

Does the fact that one is concerned about sexual dysfunction indicate a certain level of sociality ? Ie that one entertains the possibility via engaging socially enough that sex is a possible outcome of that social engagement . In that instance the presence of anything causing sexual dysfunction would be a cause for concern.
However if you are not socially engaged to the requisite level then sex at a future point is unlikely.
It seems to me that those who can see themselves as having sex if it were not for the sexual dysfunction are doing better socially than people like me (poor social engagement,no signs of anything resembling a relationship) . I am sure that I am not the only person in this position.
I would therefore say that being concerned over sexual dysfunction is a positive sign as it indicates a certain level of sociality

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Yea,I am concern about my sexual function.I can maintain and make an erection while masturbating but I am certain that the erection is not as strong as while I am not on antipsychotic.I don’t know how would my sex partner judge me if I were to have sex with her,because I had no sexual experience but I think I will have sex soon as my social life is building up really well!

I used to care greatly. Now, I don’t care. SRIs and APs are bad for your sex life.

I chose not to have sex with my wife after she had a stroke as it left her incapable of enjoying sex. However in the 10 years(tomorrow) since she died I have not engaged socially enough with another person that sex was on the cards. For me sexual dysfunction is a minor issue because I am unlikely to get into a situation where sex is on the cards.
Socially within the context of my illness I do badly.

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Well socially I do poor too. Never had a relationship, probably never will.

Hope you can walk out of your bad social life soon

I used to do very poorly socially,now I do better to the extend that I am moderately comfortable,there is still time where I feel very uncomfortable socially though but it happens less often now as I get the hang of it

I no longer have a sex drive, if it exists its very weak.

I have ED issues - Although I did not do so well on Abilify, my sex drive was healthy on it.

I do blame the Risperdal for my sexual dysfunction - when your sex drive is low to non existent you do not have the motivation to socialize with the opposite sex.

I am going to bring this up with my pdoc - I dont think that its healthy for me to exist this way.

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When I was on risperidone I would reach climax but nothing would come out :confused:

I told the doctor in the hospital this and he switched me to saphris.

It was a bad experience, not sure if you experience the same thing but he admitted it was a symptom I shouldn’t have to deal with which is why he switched me. Otherwise risperedone was a good drug I thought.

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I am facing the same problem on risperidone

I experienced that on stelazine but haven’t on any other AP.

Medicine is a way to force sterilization. Do we really want the mentally ill to procreate? (just kidding)

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I consider self-pleasure a part of my sexuality, and I am therefore not dysfunctional. I’m 27, though. I don’t expect any decline in my libidic function until my 70’s or 80’s.