Sex, Humility, And The Shadows


We Are Worth More, Than The Sex We Have, Or, Don’t Have In Our Lives.

Honest Humility Is A Desirable, Effective, And Unbelievably Limitless Trait To Grasp.

Without Regret & Fear, One Can More Easily Achieve Goals Beyond The Expanding Universe.

Loneliness & Isolation, Can Be Used As A Tool To Become More Constructive.

Friends & Love, Can Be Used As An Art To Discover Your True Potential.

Peace. Be Unto You. For Now… . …

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :owl: :spider_web: :owl:


qp|| We Are All Jus Human Beings, Being Within Endless Spheres Of Reality And Illusions. ||||||

qp|| It Is Easy To Be A Human Being. Blink And Breathe. There!, Welcome To Graduation!. ||||||

qp|| With Two Doors To Choose, And Only One Key, Choose With Dignity & Respect For Yourself. ||||||

qp|| Whether In A Void Of Emptiness, Or A Land Of Endless Riches, Your Health Decides For You. |||

qp|| Anger & Resentment Holds No Justifiable Reasons For Your Precious Time Here On Earth. ||||||

qp|| Jealousy & Lies Lead Only To A Trapdoor Endless In Hopelessness & Bitter Nothingness. ||||||

qp|| To Admit When You’re Wrong & Know When You Are Right, Success In Chaotic Uncertainty. |||

qp|| Truth Is More Than How Many Witnesses Were There, It Is The Light Of The Sun In Our Eyes. |||

qp|| Intelligence Is Nothing To Boast Or Fear, You Were Either Paying Attention Or You Weren’t. ||||||

qp|| Ignorance For Whatever Reason Is A Wound That Time Won’t Heal Without Some Help. ||||||

qp|| Rejection Is An Opportunity To Focus On Important Matters In The Vastness Of Existence. ||||||

qp|| Time Is Endless, A Cycle, A Perfect Circle With No Beginning And No Ending, Like Thought. ||||||

qp|| Beauty Is In The Flight Of A Bird Or Butterfly, The Depth’s Of The Ocean And It’s Guests. ||||||

qp|| The Stars Above Are Further Away To The Grasshopper, Than Human Eye’s. Astounding. ||||||

qp|| The Squirrels Race Upon The Bark Of Trees, Throwing Reminders In The Wind. Perfection. ||||||

qp|| Finding Yourself Complaining About The Rain, Is Missing The Point, The Ground Needs Fed. ||||

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qp|| There Is A Purpose For Confusion. To Learn Within Each Storm, & To Fulfill Your Destiny. ||||||

qp|| A Humble Sense Of Humour Can Light Some Of The Darkest Night’s, Into A Rest Of Comfort. ||||||

qp|| Seek Pure Shelter In The Island Of Your Loved One’s Sincere Eye’s, Lift & Dream. ||||||