Sex and paranoia annoyingggg

So the last past few partners I’ve tried to have sex with I could not get an erection and I believe this ruined the relationship with the last girl I was talking to. No, this is not because of erectile dysfunction because I can masturbate when I am in a calm mind whenever I want. This is because paranoia. Whenever I get hard and am about to insert my ■■■■■ I get super paranoid and start staring behind my back and checking by the door and looking behind the bed. I completely lose my erection and can not have sex. It sucks. Just another shitty thing about my severe paranoia.

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This is not performance anxiety. This is because of severe and constant paranoia I deal with.

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Viagra¿???I know it’s not cheap but it works

I don’t think Viagra is proven to treat severe paranoia lol

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I lost it all when I first got sick and used it. I think it would be intense enough that it would keep your mind on your experience and away from the paranoia.


Maybe you’re afraid of impregnating the girl?

It’s persecuting parnoia. I feel like people are behind me about to slit my throat or with a gun on me. I feel this about 90% of the time I’m awake. I try so hard to beat it. Sometimes laying in bed in a very comfortable environment once of locked my door and checked in every crevice of my room I am able to relax a little bit then I just feel like a head is going to pop through the wall and bite my head off or someone will come through my bed and stay inside my body. Just a bunch of wierd ■■■■ man. It’s annoying af I don’t even know how to describe my paranoia anymore. I have horrible OCD and intrusive theoughts so I think that just X10s my paranoia and makes it persistent.

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Maybe time to try a new med? Or maybe it hasn’t been long enough in them, or to low a dosage. I’d be honest with the doc. But I’m pretty certain the Viagra will give you an erection if you want one or not that’s kinda how it works.

Okay. I guess you never had bad paranoia like this though.

I have had very intense paranoia, but the Viagra is kinda like a mechanical fix for a mind problem. I mean it doesn’t take any input from your emotions to get the erection, it’s caused by the drug. If you are able to go through with the act is a mind issue, but you will have an erection.

Okay I’d have to get that then haha. Thanks for the input though my man.

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It takes like 10-15 minutes after you take it.

Some intense stuff right there

Well at least you got to that stage. More than I can say about myself. My paranoia went away when I started taking meds though.

So what is stopping you?

My bad social skills and that I don’t meet very much people. All the women I meet say that they already have a boyfriend.

Plenty of girls on OkCupid and pof that are down. If your not paranoid then do it. Need to make the first step.

Also I should mention because of the meds my genitals don’t work anymore so that is something too. Glad that internet dating works for you. I tried it and got no results.

You might try some cognitive behavioral therapy. Just a suggestion.

Easy. Have another paranoid schizophrenic as your next partner. You can both check the bed and the door together so it will cut in half the time it usually takes so then you will have more time to concentrate on the sex.

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