Setlled in my new place

Not much goes on here. At least I m getting out almost every day. I called around for some support groups. A couple look promising. Took care of some business today; made some phone calls. I walked five blocks to where my car is parked and discovered I had forgotten my car key. Turned around and walked back home, got my key than walked back to my car. Drove to a fast food restauraunt and sat down outside at a table and had a diet Coke. I’ll see what happens tomorrow.


Glad that you had settled down.Now it’s time you explore and live your life


When it comes down to it, that’s what I miss the most about not having my car - driving up for my daily diet coke.

Thats so awesome !, Happy for you …Enjoy !!

Glad you’ve settled in. :smile:

Glad things are smoothing out for you. Good luck and I bet you’ll be back up to steam soon.

I’m really glad your feeling better.