Is this the start of something?

Yesterday I went out for coffee by myself across the street. No big incidents, lots of frustration, a good experience. Today, I picked up my new meds, and while I was there, I picked up some eggs and milk and Biotene mouthwash for dry mouth. And a magazine (the Enquirer no less, lol.) Then I walked 15 minutes to the park, sat on a bench and read. On the way home I got turned around but I made it home safely. I guess nothing was happening.


What do you mean by “turned around”?

I lost my bearings when I was in the middle of the park and couldn’t figure out which direction I came in from. I ended up doing a lot more walking than I should have just to find the right exit.

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sounds to me that you are just really busy and forgot where you came in from…maybe excited ? I have trouble finding my truck in the parking lot at first try out after the store sometimes…

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Sounds like a good day out.