Sertraline/zolofy worsening psychosis?

After I started taking Sertraline, my psychosis had gotten worse. I got the ok from my pnurse to go off it to see if that’d help, and it did.

That sucks, because it worked wonders for my SAD.

Is there any way to go back on it but avoid worsening my psychosis?
Or do you know about any other antidepressants that would be good and doesn’t interact with Latuda?

Have you tried SAD lamps ?

The one I was going to recommend, Wellbutrin, interacts with latuda, so I’m no help.

Wishing you well though.

I can’t afford one

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I’m on Duloxetine/Cymbalta and it works great but I don’t know how it would react with Latuda. I wasn’t taking it while I was taking Latuda. But it’s a little different than an SSRI so it might work for you. Ask your pdoc about it and see what they say.

I’m on Latuda/Cymbalta and it has done wonders for my depression. No constant suicidal thoughts and my sleep is good too.

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Sertraline worsen my psychosis as well. It increases dopamine so it makes sense for some people to be psychotic on it. Even vilazodone and clomipramine worsen my psychosis.

I would be careful with meds which increase dopamine.

You can try fluoxetine, paroxetine or escitalopram. Only escitalopram has no drug interaction though with latuda…

Zoloft has done wonders for me.

Its the best AD that ive had.

Sux it aint working for u !!

maybe just the dose was too high?

I was on 50mg I think

I had to switch from sertraline to prozac. Is that something you could try?

I could ask my pnurse :slight_smile:

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I feel happier so far. I hope that’s it working. I was admittedly a complete grump on sertraline. I knew I shouldn’t have gone on it though. It was one that caused me to go all wonky before and take the whole bottle of pills. I don’t want that again, so I’m very happy to be off of it, especially since I was getting kind of aggressive.

Ah ok, I think that’s the lowest dose.

It has worked for me well at that dose.

Don’t give up, I am sure you will find another

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Tried wellbutrin and my anxiety went through the roof, tried amitriptyline and I couldn’t pee, trintellix made me itchy. I’m on escitalopram and it works alright, doesn’t interact with my Invega