Seroquel XR

Hello. I want to ask those people, who take or took seroquel XR, how long last the fatigue, tiredness when you start taking it. I want to know this information only about XR form of the medicine. Thanks.

I was just on Seroquel. I stopped taking on my own. It made me sleepy and like I was some kind of fog. It also gave my headaches and tiredness. It did not make the thoughts go away. On Seroquel , I thought I was being punished and was damned or doomed; as if I never been prescribed it. I took 50 mg at bedtime. When, I went off, I got insomnia. The pdoc switched me to Invega. I am feeling a lot better; but, I am still not sleeping that many hours a night. I am on 6 mg at bedtime with food. If you are having trouble with Seroquel, talk to your pdoc asap! Some people like Seroquel; but, for me it caused me a tremendous amount of grief. It is just another medication that I now add to my “don’t take list!” Good luck to you. Please let me know how you are doing. You are in my heart’s thoughts!

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Thank you for sharing your experience and for kind words. :blush:
I took once seroquel (not xr) and I was so tired. I had to go to bed one hour after taking the pill and I took it in the morning and evening, so it was hard to function during the day. I tolerate seroquel XR better, but I have restless legs at night, too. :angry: And I am tired.
Invega is good med, I took it at doses form 6 to 12 mg. It was not sedating, so I took it in the morning. I have quite a lot of energy on it.
I hope that invega will be good choice for you.

How long have you been on the xr stuff? I’m assuming that you’d get more energy over time as your body adjusts to the chemistry.

I hope for it. I am on it only sixth day.

I have nothing good to say about seroquel, xr or immediate release. I’m with @greykitten, in that I’ve added it to my list of things to avoid. It made me much worse, in a dangerous (for me) way. Still I wish you luck with it.

I am sorry for that. Everybody reatcs differently to the same medicine. But thank you for wishing me luck. :smile:

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I took Seroquel XR for a while. Some people’s comments about Seroquel are consistent. It puts a hole in the statement that people react differently to different drugs.Seroquel XR works over a period of 24 hours, not a few hours.

I was on seroquel and found it less sedative than Zyprexa, When I switched to it felt like i’d had 5-6 cups of coffee the fog just lifted.

I think all of these things are gradual and I found I be came more tolerant to my drugs and they became less sedative over time.

It didn’t make me symptom free and after 2 more anti psychotics ended back on Zyprexa and balooned again.

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With me the fatigue tiredness only lasts until my body fully wakes up. But I take my pills at night so I sleep through most of the side-affects. Sometimes I think it helps to eat when you take your medications, and drink plenty of fluids. But I would ask your doctor about taking the pills at night if you’re constantly having problems during the day.Also do you drink alcohol with your medicine, because that might increase side affects?

Yes, sometimes I drink two beers during the day, sometimes more. You are right, that it can increase sedation. Yesterday it was better with tiredness, so I hope it will be only better in the future.