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Seroquel vs Zyprexa


What are your experiences with both of these meds, and which one do you prefer. Which medicine has the least side effects between the two. Also does seroquel cause any major weight gain?



Weight gain is more of a problem with zyprexa than seroquel. Both did a reasonable job controlling my paranoia for a while, seroquel worked for about 2 years and I am at around the same mark now with zyprexa. Never really helped my negative symptoms. Seroquel help my sleep which zyprexa doesn’t.


I didn’t take Seroquel enough to know how it affects weight, it was just too sedative for me. You might want to try Fanapt or another newer med. But everyone is different, you just need to find what works best for you.


I took Zyprexa for years. It was the first med that worked for me, but I did gain a little weight. Hope this helps.


Also seroquel worked well as a PRN.


I don’t experience much weight gain with Seroquel. I experienced a lot of weight gain with Zyprexa. Zyprexa made me ravenously hungry. I was eating candy bars every hour on the hour on Zyprexa. I gained 70 pounds on Zyprexa. I wouldn’t recommend that drug to anybody. It worked real good on my psychosis though. I find Seroquel to be very effective too.


Seroquel (Quetiapine) and Zyprexa (Olanzapine) are both used widely in the treatment of Schizophrenia. I used them both at one point or other. As far as side effects profile is concerned, it differs from person to person. I went upto 800mg of Seroquel and the side effect I got was elevated triglyceride levels and cholestrol levels. Zyprexa has one side effect which is universal. It causes Diabetes. I used Zyprexa (10 mg) for 3.5 years but luckily did not get Diabetes. So, this side effects profile changes from person to person. One need not worry too much that. But one should be careful with Zyprexa.


Had no side effects with Seroquel. Use it to decrease secondary mood disorder/depression.
Maxed out on Zyprexa. Had to add Letuda because max Zyprexa wasn’t enough.
Zyprexa causes significant muscle pains, extra sleepy, and constipation.
Found balancing primarily on B vitamins helps relieve the Zyprexa side effects since Cogentin quit working years ago, and Aripiprazole never worked to relieve side effects.


Seroquil didnt work for me it gave me Insane twitching in my ass.

Im on Zyprexa now and only side effect is restless legs which im not to bothered with


Seroquel is definitely the better drug for me. Zyprexa turns me into an eating machine and I gain a whole lot of weight on it. I simply can’t approve of it. Seroquel doesn’t have that effect on me. And it helps me to sleep at night.