Seroquel vs Olanzapine

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Whats the main differences between Seroquel and Olanzapine? And whats the transition like coming off of Olanzapine is it hard then going onto Seroquel, is Seroquel better suited to somebody that also has one of the comorbid conditions like an anxiety disorder or G.A.D or SZ related anxiety or fatigue, Olanzapine is terrible for gaining weight, also dosages are importaint , wondering if with olanzapine going dow from 10mg to 5mg can trigger sz symptoms, 5mg seems to feel lighter 10mg more sedated feel but deeper sleep,

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@Sedona333 I’ve noticed that most of your posts are specific questions about medications. You should be asking your medical doctor these questions rather than asking strangers on the internet.


I tried making a transition from zyprexa to seroquel a couple of times, but it didn’t work out. There was sleep issues, and also some cardio problems which may have been related to the insomnia.

I have also had problems with sleep on zyprexa with doses lower than 7.5mg.

It’s different for people though, so you don’t really know till you try.

I had insomnia on zyprexa even on 15mg. Insomnia went away after switching to Abilify. Though I was psychotic the whole time on Zyprexa

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What kind of cardio problems? Im scared of going off of olanzapine already due to the insomnia stories.

I got some pains in my chest. It could have been whitdrawal from zyprexa, or a reaction to seroquel, or both. Or even because of lack of sleep in itself.

I’m ok in the cardio department now though.

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Yep your right lots of good advice here on forums

Hmmm sorry to hear that but lots of new research being done now also lots of medical breakthroughs happening in general, we were yhinking of adding Buspirone/Buspirone for anxiety but worried about serotonin toxicity syndrome :thinking:

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@Aziz Whats Abilify like better tolerance than zypexa and less side effects? What was that change like sounds promising :+1:

@Sedona333 You completely missed my point. It was that you should be asking your medical provider about medications. Instead of continuing to open new threads with questions about a variety of different medications, please refer these questions to your doctor.

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