Seroquel disaster

Hi. Ive had a psychotic setback an the dr has prescribed me 200mg of ive just started that. I am getting off the injection of another drug gradually which im happy about. The only thing is ive gained 8 pounds in a week on seroquel and ive been sedated to the extent of eat sleep eat sleep. Im already overweight and this is going out of control. Im afraid to take it another week. I once gained 50 pounds on olanzapine and im afraid. Ive talked with dr. Ambilfy doesnt agree with me so I dont have any other options than to lose my self esteem even more through piling on weight

Talk to your pdoc about it because being overweight can be a serious medical condition. It seems like some of these med’s lower your metabolism and increase your appetite just enough for you to start gaining weight. I know you can’t be overeating enough to gain that kind of weight, because to gain eight pounds of body fat you would need to consume 4,000 calories a day more than you burn off from activity. In one week you would have to have an excess of 28,000 calories to gain eight pounds of body fat. Those med’s are messing with your system. It could be water weight you’re gaining, but these med’s can make you gain weight without that - how? I don’t know, but they do. One time I gained 60 lbs in 120 days. I would have had to have a 1,750 calorie excess a day if that gain was all body fat. I don’t know how these med’s do it, but they can really pack on the weight.

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