How much weight have you gained from seroquel?

Im just wondering what the horror stories are for seroquel and weight gain. The sedation sucks too but im much more concerned about the weight gain on seroquel.

I thought seroquel was a good med. like living on a submarine, protected but underwater.

They pulled me off of it within a few weeks and I don’t even know why.

Was on paliperidone after that. Didn’t do much of anything good or bad. Invega did seem better than respiridone.

I have been on Seroquel and Zyprexa for many years, gained 20 pounds weight. Exercise does help to keep weight in control.

I can’t exactly remember how much I weighed two years ago (I started taking Seroquel in 2013), but I can recall myself weighing about 147 pounds. I don’t have a scale in my home, but the last time I was weighed, I was 165 pounds.

I have normal metabolism and appetite on seroquel. Really no weight gain. I use the stuff to sleep by cutting it into pieces and take it at night…No problems with sedation. I can wake up and feel okay but I sleep 10 hours lots. Give you a really good sleep.

NOt sure how this work with men but for women, insomnia seems to REALLY slow down their metabolism and put on a lot of weight. Person just keeps consuming calories (usually junk) to keep going while showing low avolition/energy so no desire to prepare the right foods to eat, just sugaring up.