Seroquel and vision

Has anyone else had vision problems while taking Seroquel? I took it right before I wanted to go to bed (it makes me feel like I have been hit in the head with a hammer. Everything feels heavy and I feel disorganized and groggy when I try to get up. I’m fine when I lay down though).
It didn’t make me as sleepy as I thought it would so I got out my phone and started reading demotivational posters on cheezburger. The way these pictures work is someone puts up a picture and comments. The following comments make the comments above smaller. Usually I can read at least the last two comments, but I could only barely read one. It’s pretty small type, but I could definitely read it before I took my med and I could read like normal this morning.
I’m going to stop using my new face lotion because it’s homemade and therefore not tested. Maybe that’s it…

I’m shortsighted (can read close up normally) but I have this problem reading close up with Abilify but when I put my glasses on I’m fine.

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I am on Seroquel, but my vision was messed up by chlorine burns and other stuff long before I was put on it.
I’m far sighted in my right eye and near sighted in my left… lucky me. :eyeglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

Your remark about face lotion got me to thinking. I have found that the majority of eye makeup removers will mess up my vision at bedtime. Sort of like there is a slight film in my eyes that I can’t get rid of. Next morning it would be gone. I’ve started using Lumene eye makeup remover and don’t have the problem any longer.

I am having the same issue I thought I need glasses changed. Did your problem got resolved. I still can not real close up (was on abilify for 6 months). Please let me know.