Sensitive to ugly news...I just wish the world was different

I can only read headlines of the news anymore…any details beyond that and I get haunted by the ugliness of the worlds violence and twisted nature of the killings lately…


I shy away from news because it triggers psychosis (especially paranoia) for me, many times.


I can’t tolerate the news anymore either. I absolutely hate when I accidentally get some and then get sucked into it. Like…well I’ll spare your the details. We can only make our little piece of the world better by being good people. We can’t do anything about the rest of it.

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the latest headline to sicken me is the SUV deliberately driven into the restaurant…that’s domestic terrorism if you ask me…sick of it all !!

I hate the headlines, especially with the sense that “people” are watching my reactions and I have to respond to the stories in a certain way, like contort my face in worry / anger at the stats. I hate it.

Yeah, we’re living in scary times for sure.

I do my best to avoid the news, except like yourself I’ll read an occasional headline.

Take care, and try to always see at least a few nice things/beautiful moments in this insane world.


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I living in the region Middle east
Life is bad here no good news here


I skipped reading bad news, and search for news using person’s name or keyword.

In that way, I choose what I wanted to read, not the other way round.

I really couldn’t imagine how difficult the life is in Middle East.

Must be very hard for you, saynow.

I like to read/watch news I feel safer when I know what’s going on.

But I agree the world is a harsh place.

Me too (and so I sit all day on IRC)

The world can be a nasty place, but we should be grateful that most of us are relatively safe, clean, well fed, and warm. You really can’t ask for more than that.


@crimby yes I am grateful for my life but the news details stick in my head until I am depressed and upset.

I mostly don’t like it but I do like it some of what I hear one of my state’s senators is doing. Since I didn’t say which one or what party, I don’t think I’m violating the spirit of the rule about politics.

Lol you’re good!!! Sometimes I see Ohio propose some insane law that dates back to 200 years ago. Of course it would never pass. And then others, Ohio proposes a very progressive and liberal policy… that also will never pass!!! Lol I found it funny

Because Ohio tried to make the death penalty for something insane…recently

Me too I just can’t handle it emotionally anymore. Sometimes i skim through it and think could this really be true and it makes me feel bad about the world. So now I try to watch more movies and spend some time with uplifting, caring people. I personally just can’t take it. I figure if there is something I have to know someone will tell me. I watched 3 good movies yesterday and they seemed so meaningful, it helped some with the depression.

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Well I was talking about the US(federal) Senator. I really like one of them. He wouldn’t be my first choice for president but he would be on my depth chart.

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I don’t like watching the news either way too much violence in our world today. sad really

I generally don’t watch news because it’s either too biased or I have to slow my input speed down to normal speech, which I can’t stand. I read a lot of news in-depth because it’s my responsibility to cast an informed vote come election time.

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I definitely agree, it’s like everyday somebody dies. The world is full of negative news that affects the way we live.

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