Send happy thoughts!

Looked at a house today, and our agent is putting together our offer. Houses are selling like hotcakes, but we really like this one. Fingers crossed, happy thoughts, whatever you do to help people, please help me now!!!


Hope it works out for you. Wishing you all the best with the process.

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I just said a prayer for you.



Thanks, y’all. I’m very, very stressed by it all. I get to figure out the current and future budgeting and if it’s possible to do this particular house. It’s a lot to do by myself. If I mess up, I could really hurt our finances for a long time, and I’m terrified, tbh. I love the house, but I’m really frazzled!

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I’m so worried. Getting this house is dependent on me making some extra money every month outside of my disability. I just got my job; I’ve only been working for a few days- not even a week yet! And my husband will suddenly have a huge commute, and I’m not comfortable without him near to rescue me. Plus, I don’t know the town/area at all. I’ve never been there before. The snow is worse, and hubby can get stranded away from me. And if there are issues, the neighborhood we’re looking in is not the sort to have roads cleared. I feel sick over the idea that I’m being relied on to work. If I mess up, I don’t know what we’ll do. I’m so scared, y’all. I’ve been stressing over it for days. Working and re-working potential scenarios in the budget. I have it worked out six years from now at the moment (certain hallmarks at those points). But again- this depends on me working. It feels all wrong, but I know we need a place of our own. We’ve been renting for 12+ years in the same place.

ETA: So yeah, that’s why I need happy thoughts. Mine have all fled, and I feel like Stressed_H, Negative_H, and Uncomfortable_H. No Happy here tonight.

don’t do it…you’ll be responsible for taking care of yourself in snow storms…boo…don’t do it I say. just a gut level feeling here.

Good morning everyone! Sorry I had a bad night and spread it around like a virus.

Hubby and I put together a plan in case I lose my job or cannot work. I feel a lot better today. Paperwork for the offer has been signed now that I know we have a plan.

@jukebox If a snowstorm starts while hubby is at work, we’ll use a savings account specific for hotels to put him up for the night(s) safely. Or he can crash on a buddy’s basement sofa if the storm starts and he’s near work or at work. Otherwise, he has months of time off that he can use to just stay home. I’ll just have to get better about watching for weather and storms to make sure I’m stocked with plenty of necessities. If you’ve ever seen a dog get all excited when they see snow, that’s pretty much what I’m like. Getting snowed in means getting to read. :wink:

So now we wait to see if the seller signs. If so, it’s going to be a very speedy and overwhelming month or two until we close.

And as a final plus- KITTIES! Y’all, we could finally get kitties! omg omg omg

Oh- there is a HUGE (like, probably 12’ long) painting of a naked lady in the dining room rn. Hubby thinks it’s hilarious because it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door, but I’m like, “Can we write down that the painting does NOT convey?”

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