Maybe we can get

a house! My husband and I are looking into it, and we are praying that we can. We can’t rent forever, and we’ve been here for eight long years. The HOA is so strict; they are talking about implementing a “no dogs over 25 lbs,” rule now! Anyhow, we found some land that we like. We’d be getting a manufactured home and then would put it on a permanent foundation. We found a four bedroom one! Anyhow, please send happy thoughts/good vibes/prayers.


Best of luck ! :four_leaf_clover:


I am looking for a house too. Hopefully a 2 bed 2 bath place. I pray it works out for you and you can get the new house. I have a small tabby cat but no dogs.


Man, you’re moving up in the world. I would be happy if I was just left alone for at least 5 minutes in my own bedroom.


Thanks, y’all. We went and looked at land today. It was nice, but not a very deep tract. Still, over here it’s hard to find land at all, so we aren’t dismissing it.

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