Just got a offer on house

Just got an offer on our house for sale. We are going to try to negotiate. It is stressful because I think the house will not pass inspection. They put in a new code regarding our plumbing we bought the house with and I think it makes it against this new code to sell with its plumbing.


Hope you get to close. It’s a weird market over here in Oz. Prices are starting to drop but it’s not unreasonable buying something so expensive to have some issues. Nothing you can’t negotiate so not all doom and gloom!

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Selling houses is stressful. Are you using a real estate agent?

I once sold an apartment using an agent. The notary and agent did all the work. All I had to do is sign the papers and handover the keys. It was pretty straight-forward. Yet it took a couple of months to find someone who was willing to pay a good price.

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I’m getting a 400’000 euro house left to me in the future


Are you expecting an inheritance?

Yes I’m on the will

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I guess that makes you a ‘future rich’.

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I might rent out two rooms in it, sometime in the future or sell it

I need advice when the time comes around

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I may list my rental property next month.

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Good luck with your offer.

I also hope it goes through closing.

And @san_pedro,

Banking on an inheritance is a bad idea.

I will inherit a lot when my parents pass,

But I pretend like it doesn’t exist because who knows if I’ll live that long or what my situation will be when/if I get it.

You have to work to improve your situation now instead of putting all your hopes into money that may or may not come.


Its wrote on the will of this house 100% agreed …

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I love the story of the French woman who became the oldest person ever. Something in the 120s of age.

She had a life annuity on her property and outlived the lawyer (!) who was paying.

Some justice in the world @Charles_Foster @san_pedro

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I get that you don’t understand what I’m saying.

I know I could die before this house is left to me, but I have a bit of faith I won’t die before that.I am 40 years old,





That among other things.

But yes, you are right.

I also will inherit a lot when my mom passes…would rather have my mom. I don’t need anything but if I did mom would get it for us.

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You have explain my current situation also. I feel the same way. There are also issues I am going through internally but can’t discuss on this forum because they involve political views.

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