Self Reduction

Thinking of reducing my Olanzapine dose myself from 10mg as feeling tired and sedated.

If I were to do this, would it be best to go to 7.5 rather than half the dose to 5 mg.

I just need a way to feel better now.

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You’re better off consulting with your doctor about this. Members of this forum should not be giving advice about reducing meds on your own.


yea talk to your pdoc about it… I don’t think you should taper off your meds without consulting your pdoc…


Nurse has said she’ll reduce, but it’s against her advice. She wants me stable on 10mg for six months before reducing.

I can’t wait that long though, feeling tired and sedated in the mornings

I need a way out of my situation

Wanting to reduce or quit Ap’s altogether is common in sz but it’s best to just suffer through until doc says it ok to reduce or switch.

I was unhappy on Invega but was able to switch to Abilify when the time came. It takes time to get things right sometimes.

When are you taking your dosage? At nighttime?

Yeah I try to take it around 7pm as any later and I’m even more groggy in the afternoon.

how long you been on it? the 10mg

Yeah, I was just going to suggest that if you weren’t and it was ok with pdoc to do so.

Night time usually works out best to avoid grogginess during the day.

Isn’t 10mg of Olanzapine the minimum dose for schizophrenia ? :thinking:

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When I first started getting better, it was on 40 mg of geodon. I didnt like being sedated, so I tried to stop on my own after 4 months of stability. I crashed hard, and ended up needing to go up to 160 mg to get stable again. Let me tell you, I was MUCH more sedated then. 6 months is barely any time at all, in the grand scheme of your life. Just wait it out and when you want to reduce, do it at a rate your doctor is comfortable with. Once I started listening to my doctor, I improved a LOT.

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Just browsed for this and most of the sites I visited said 7.5 is minimum effective dose.
10 is the normal dose and 20 is the maximum.
If I got that all right.


That sounds right, thought it was between 10 and 20mg.

Should probably wait the six months don’t want to risk more psychosis or developing voices which I’ve never had thankfully.


I’d suggest switching meds if you want to feel more alive. Risky sure, but I know how Olanzapine made me feel, and switching was the best thing I ever did

Hi think it’s recommended between 10 and 20mg.

I’ve only had two episodes of psychosis so far, so hoping I don’t have schizophrenia yet. Pretty likely I do though.

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Don’t want to risk sexual dysfunction on another medication.

Nurse offered quitepine but not sure of this medication, does anyone have any experience of it?

You need to work out what side effects your willing to live with then!

3 months… I was off of medication for 5 months and then relapsed. Only been non delusions for a month and a half. I have no positive symptoms now.

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