Self Reduction

True, I’m still hoping towards reducing Olanzapine and eventually coming off.

Thinking giving aripiprazole another try, had bad side effects above 10mg though.

If I have a third episode I’ll know that it’s for life.

That was how I felt when I was on it. Maybe you could reduce your dose to 7.5 and see what happens. If you still feel bad you might go down to 5 mg.

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That is what I think I’m going to do. But scared of getting psychosis.

Most people on here will tell you it’s a bad idea! I did however cut my haldol from 10mg to 5mg in January and it really helped me cognitively . I’m nervous to tell my doctor becuase there is some kind of order for me to remain on meds and they hate when patients self medicate. My logic was that it would take years to go down that low and it just felt right. You only live once and I didn’t want to be 35 and taking 7 mg when at 33 I could be on 5. But the difference with me was that I’ve gone off meds a bunch of times and always felt great on 5 mg and started having issues only when I went down to 2.5 mg! Good luck but yea talk to a doctor and don’t listen to me!

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If you keep moving the goal posts your going to just cause yourself more pain

You have had it twice already

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You’re probably right. But I managed five months off of aps so hoping that’s a good sign.

If I can’t come off of aps then I want to be on the lowest dose possibly.

Also the psychiatrist is happy to go with a reduction after six months of stability.

Just don’t want to believe this is it for life. There has to be a way out

Well I wish you luck with it, but you must be prepared for it not to work.

Don’t waste 5 years of your life like I did coming off meds, whilst thinking every time I’d be fine.

Just ended up in hospital each time.

As long as you’re fully aware of the risks you’re taking, then go for it.

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Thank you.

At heart I know you’re right but, still want to give it one more go. But I’ll do it with the Drs approval as I am scared of the consequences.

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That’s cool with doc’s approval.

Fingers crossed you can put this all behind you.

I know we don’t know each other IRL, but I care about people here, and I’d not be doing you justice if I didn’t try and pass on what I have been through when similar things are floating around my mind.

Good luck


Just overslept for work… without a reduction I’m going to loose my job and home.

Just can’t get up on 10mg Olanzapine

I think it’s the drug not the dose

There are many options

Suggest you get researching on side effects profiles and choose your poison

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They’ve agreed to reduce to 7.5 hopefully that will help. It’s against recommendation though.

If it’s the drug, which it probably is then I’ll have to change like you say.

Do you know of anything other than aripiprazole that doesn’t have sexual side effects?

Try Latuda. I was able to work a low stress job at 80mg but had some positive symptoms. Now on 6mg Risperdal I cant work but no positive symptoms.

You can also try Vraylar and Caplyta if they’re available where you are. They dont fully block dopamine unlike zyprexa/olanzapine.

I’m in the uk so not sure if they’re available.

Hoping the reduction will block less dopamine although I’m not sure if it works like that?

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Yea a lower dose should also block less dopamine. Good luck with reduction.

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Thank you 151515

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Why did Abilify not work? My negative symptoms were best on it.

Was bed bound and feeling weak at doses above 10mg.

Might not be the same since this relapse though so maybe could try it again?

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Yea I think meds affect ppl differently. On 20mg Abilify I was always outside, gym, friends, a bit of work, etc
But had to stop it as it caused shopping addiction and I had irritability some positive symptoms.
Now I am bed bound on 6mg Risperdal (equal to 20mg Zyprexa/olanzapine) but 0 positive symptoms and no irritability.