Self defeating disorder

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I have that well maybe not…im a sadomasochist sexually and im retraining my brain and unlearning bad habits. Masochism is like born loser disorder…im alot better…my mental breakdown caused me to smoke 5 packs of cigarettes a day…its not cool…i havent smoked in 3 days

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Don’t shame people for their kinks.

Better than who?

You need to watch what you say.

@dinoatzoo I think he means that he’s doing better now. But if it comes to eating my words I’ll be happy to oblige.

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You could be right.

Who knows what he meant.

I’m sure we’ll find out when he comes back online.

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Don’t mind @matthewj
He’s a nice kid but he’s got a Messiah complex.

Honestly all his posts seem manic.

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I was like that for over 10 years

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I’ve never interacted with him but I think I like him. His claim to immaculateness is quite endearing and completely harmless.

Yes I like him too.
He is just a bit grandiose.

But being bipolar, I understand this.

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Santa stop borrowing money from the wrong people! And pay them back next time…haha well have a great day everyone!

Elon musk owes me 800 trillion dollars and he is well aware of it

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Rex you are my arch enemy and bestie at the same time! I love you!! Have a great day!!

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