Self defeating personality disorder


Is masochistic when you hurt yourself and sadistic when you hurt others?

I’m naive on many subjects. I google a lot. Otherwise I don’t care to know everything. I usually follow my curiosity, but most of the time I focus on the different sciences. Good things.


I like your posts alot. More informative than the usual stuff for certain. More knowledge is better than less. Cleary theres more going on than the typical psychiatrist discusses from his dsm. I dont know why a set manual is used anyway other than to make thier job an easy abc process, which it shouldnt be. In actuality many psychiatrist stick to just a few convienient diagnosis and rarely dig deeper, sadly. My appointments generally consist of 2 questions that im sure everyone knows. Two questions, push pills, this is advanced? Expain how.

These are loose definitions, but… Masochistic is enjoying being hurt by others, sadism is enjoying hurting others, and self mutilation is when you hurt yourself (I don’t think enjoyment necessarily applies).

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Ok thanks. I didnt know all that. Ive just heard some people are sado-masochistic, mainly in movies.

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