Seeking a return to normal ways of thinking after learning to think outside of my head

I am often forced to think in a space that is outside of my brain. It’s like I would be thinking in a confined space that was often targeting me with communications. I would hear the communications and think of a response to what was said but it would feel like I thought the response in the space outside of my body/brain (though the response often put pressure on the outside of my head and so I called it pressurized audio).

The problem is even if I am not hearing voices anymore I still sometimes seem to think in the space around the outside of my head. That’s where the thoughts feel like they originate, and it’s uncomfortable to think this way.

Does anybody have a good idea to retrain my brain to think completely inside my head like a normal person again? I’ve been on many different pills, they didn’t fix the problem. I’ve tried exercise, though nothing specific to fix my brain.

Has anybody else heard, felt and experienced thoughts and/or 2 way communication in a proximity outside of your body? I know this is not normal, I just don’t know who to talk to about it and I couldn’t find much internet research on thinking outside of your head.

Went through something similar. Thoughts outside my head seemingly coming from other people. I believed it was telepathy. One of the world’s best kept secrets or something. Alas I have gained control over this. For me it was a battle but what really helped was logically analyzing it and realizing it just wasn’t real. Trying to imagine what you’re going through and I believe I might have a grasp on it. Tell me do you still think inside your head at times?

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Yeah, I do. There was a time when I didn’t seem to be able to think inside my head at all. I wasn’t sure that was the case but it felt like I was being held outside of my head.

Well just focus on doing that. Neuroplasicity may allow you to make it a more permanent occurrence. Wish I could help you more.

Try searching the forum (top right) for terms like cognitive impairment or symptoms.

There are online sites like that may help.