Seeing my pdoc today to change my meds

My pdoc said he was going to change my meds. He increased my prolixin and it made me sleepy and irritable, but I am being cool around people. I’m on abilify and prolixin and Effexor and Topomax and Xanax now. I won’t take Risperdal, Haldol, or Zyprexa. Med changes are difficult to go through, but I have to do it because I can’t go on feeling impatient and short and irritable. My appointment is at 1:00 pm today.


good luck
let us know how you get on
all the best to you
be careful

Please let us know how it goes for you. Med changes ARE tough, so I’m hoping you and your doc can find a good combo/dosage.



Thank you for your posts @shellys12 and @radmedtech. I was kind of worried about a med change myself when my doctor said it because med changes are rough. I talked to my doctor about the impatience, restlessness, and irritability I have been experiencing since he raised my prolixin. He said it sounded like I was having side effects from the prolixin and abilify and he added Cogentin instead of changing my meds. I’ve never taken Cogentin before. The increased prolixin is taking away my paranoia so he didn’t want to lower it again. We’ll see what happens when I take my first tablet. I’ve got another pdoc appointment in a week to let him know whether it worked or not.

**Good luck Joanne! My son is on prolixin injections. He also takes cogentin. **

Thanks @bridgecomet I am supposed to take one tablet at bedtime and one in the morning. My pdoc told me I will be able to tell if it works after taking one or two. Here’s hoping it works.

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I am surprised that you are on so many meds, Joanne. I am on just two: Amisulpride and seroquel because I don’t have depression and anxiety. Hope the change of meds works out for you.

I hope the changes work for you. I know they can be rough to go through. I need to talk to my doctor about my depression being so strong, but I kind am putting off the appointment until I can make sure I can pay her. She’s very lenient about money, because she knows my situation, but she deserves to get paid just the same. Medicare doesn’t pay half of her bill, she’s a bit expensive but I really enjoy her. She listens to me and explains things, my last doctor just gave me drugs and sent me on my merry way. I also don’t feel like she’s judging me at all and really trust her, which is rare for me. I don’t trust easily.

Yep, I’ve got depression and anxiety too. I took 1 last night and 1 this morning and went to work. It helped with my impatience/irritability, but this new med I have to get used to. I feel kind of funny. (not ha ha funny). Thanks for your support green6.

That’s good that you found someone you can trust. I hope you get the needed money to see her soon. Thanks sohare for your support. I have depression too, but I take Effexor and it helps. I hope I get used to this Cogentin my pdoc prescribed for me.