Seeing more light

I am reading about schizophrenia (The Disordered Mind, by Eric R. Kandel 2018) and I can see clearly that schizophrenia is a biological brain disease. As I thought about this, I realized that I can serve as an example that the illness is not permanent, because I have in large measure recovered. I am thankful for the medications and for all the love I have received.
I am now feeling good and I can once more communicate. The mind can overcome the brain disease. So I believe psychiatric diseases are different from other forms of disease.


Yeah pays to be positive! I too know it’s a biological condition. One day they’ll figure it out or stumble on a medicine to help us all. Meanwhile. Be positive!

Sounds like an interesting book. I might have to give it a read myself. Glad to hear you’re feeling good, and that the medicine has largely helped you.

The book is about a variety of mental illnesses but there is one chapter specifically on schizophrenia.

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At age 57 my symptoms are way down. I have so many periods of peace of mind, calmness, and no racing mind that I’m getting spoiled and I expect it all the time. Us damn humans are demanding and never satisfied.

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Thanks for mentioning this book. I’ll give it a read. Glad your feeling well.

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