See if I donate any money to his cause

The people at the assisted living center where I live are hassling me with my money. They’ve cut my check by ten dollars a week because I refuse to engage in the behaviors in which they want me to engage. For me, that is painful. They gave me some cockamamie story about medicare not paying for my med’s. They’re not doing that to anyone else who gets a weekly check from them. I’ve been here fourteen years, and they’ve never done that before. Well, they can see if I donate any money to my case manager’s cause, when the time comes. I never really felt obligated to give support so that people cann engage in nonstop, indiscriminant sex, anyway.

That’s why I fought so hard to get out of there and am still fighting. Not all of them but some people who work with mentally ill are sadistic. Either that or they think they are going to punish you till you get well.

I’m starting to want to leave the assisted living place where I am. I am too subject to the foibles of staff. I want to go some place where I can be left alone.

I will pray for you. There other options out there but they don’t advertise them.

I am so sorry for you. I am sorry you have to be angry. I hope things improve for you. I do not think I could live in an assisted living facility or group home. I know in my heart that would make my symptoms be horribly worse and no medications or therapy could help me at all. You have every right to be angry. Could your pdoc, therapist, or social worker help you get out of that place? I don’t think it’s good for you.

Thanks. I’ve been here a long time, and as time passes I want out more and more. I probably have to get permission from my brother, though. At one time he was my legal guardian. I don’t know if he still is. He acts like he is reluctant for me to leave here.