Sedation vs Negative Symptoms

I don’t think they are the same and they don’t affect each other. Latuda has about the same sedation as Risperidone yet on Latuda I was much more functional than on Risperidone, I was able to keep a job for a whole year.

Now on Risperidone I can’t even get out of bed.

One of my pdocs said I am less functional on risperidone bcz it blocks much more dopamine than Latuda.

She suggested Clozapine but I said no bcz I am afraid of its side effects and weekly blood tests.

Anyone tried risperidone and Latuda?

You get used to them quickly. I have weekly blood tests for other reasons, but I’m at the point where I pretty much don’t notice needles now.

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@Aziz how come you stopped latuda if it worked better than risperidone? It seems like risperidone is not the best med if it causes such intense neg symptoms

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I was on 80mg Latuda and I had intense akathisia that caused insomnia. I also had nausea after taking the pill and mild positive symptoms. Dr upped the dose to 120mg to eliminate the positive symptoms but the akathisia was too much for me. I tried Benztropine but not sure it worked on the akathisia, I think it took 20min to work.

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Oh ok, I had severe akathisia on seroquel so I understand it’s a good reason to switch

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