What has your Latuda experience been?

I am weaning onto Latuda from Risperidone and wanted to know what your experience with Latuda has been. Positive symptoms, Negative symptoms, Weight Gain, Sleep etc. Thank you

Latuda was bad news for me. It made the negative symptoms worse and freaked me out to the point where I was afraid to be on meds. Im now on Risperdal though and that seems to work a lot better for me, its comfortable.

Nausea…restless legs while sleeping…groin pain…

A bad experience for me. I ran back to Abilify 20mg.

It has helped me with my positive symptoms. Not really my negative

I was angry when I was on it, but that could have been due to withdrawal from Geodon and Seroquel. Personally, I found Geodon and Seroquel to be the better drugs for me.

I’ve been on it off and on. I’ve experienced fatigue, anxiety, depression, homicidal thought (when mixed with sleeping pills). It’s been the best for in me in terms of positive and negative symptoms but its no cure. I’m on it right now,

for me, and just me…it did not help positive symptoms, did help negative, gave me horrible akathisia, and I was in horrible pain psychotic as hell for a few days. Never touching Lurasidone again!

But it works well for some. You dont know until you try.

I like it. It has very few side effects, if any! Doesn’t work on auditory hallucinations. I still have some avolition. Doesn’t help sleep much, if at all. No weight gain. It is the drug I have found for myself after a lifelong, agonizing experience on many drugs, starting with Thorazine in 1963. I would recommend it. You have to remember AP’s work differently for each person. Our brains are each slightly different.

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I was on Latuda for three days. The first day I was virtually symptom free. However the other days, the symptoms came back and it made me depressed.

I think its the safest med by research. Not so much prolactin issues my male breasts went down a lot after getting of risperdal. Also i would say my flat affect is kinda gone but as far as lack of motivation it didnt help much with that. The worse part is the akathisia but considering thatd not permanent like tumors in the pituatary gland, heart or qt interval problems, diabetes and weight gain id say try to tolerate latuda as best you can
Taper up slowly as the doctor orders or the akathisia will be worse. I take cogentin, propranolol, and ativan for akathisia.

Latuda made me vomit every time I took it. I wasn’t on it very long because I was just throwing it up within half an hour of taking it.

I’m on invega which has been a great medicine for me.

I took it with abilify as an add-on and it made me sick. That’s my latuda experience. But they don’t exactly know the benefits/side-effects of combining two anti-psychotics together. For me it didn’t work.

I heard latuda is good for the mood more so than other anti-psychotics. And smoooth. But I didn’t experience that.

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It gave me shortness of breathe and chest pain panic attacks.

It didn’t do much for me. My p doc says it has a sedating effect. I felt that.