Sedated but hyper

Feeling hyper but my zoloft is sedating me. Anyone else experience this? It is so strange!


Do u take ur zoloft at day time…!!! ?? Almost all medicine for mental illness are sedative and cause drowsiness …!!

Yeah my doc told me to take it in the morning. I’m not drowsy, just calm.

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What’s ur dose …!! 50 mg…!!! and when do u take ur anti psychotic day time or night …!!!

I am on 150mg. I take it in the morning

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Glad to hear that it’s working for u…!! I haven;t found my combination of ap…!! I am on seroquel i take it every night …!!! I hesitate to take it in morning time they say it sedates ur brain ,!!!

Being sedated isn’t a bad feeling for me. I have ocd and intrusive thoughts and it sedates those thoughts so it helps a lot

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U somewhat gave me energy …!!! and have a trust and faith on medicine …!!! My judgement is poor if it comes to medicine …!!! I want to feel improved and stable …!!! The only problem iz what if they prescribe me medicine in the daytime …!!! i feel like sedation might take our life away…!!!
Ur inspiring moomop …!! TAKE care…!!!

Aww thanks @far_cry0.

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I get like this sometimes… A few nights back I was lying in bed laughing my ass off at the bizarre racing thoughts in my head, but I’d taken quetiapine so I was too damn tired to move and to hyper to sleep. My bf went and slept on the sofa because he couldn’t get to sleep for my muttering and giggling. It was nice to feel a bit high for a change.

I think that I’m going to call my pdoc early next week.
I am sooo … tired and zapped of all energy.
I got up today and couldn’t stay on my feet for more than a minute, I had to lay down on the couch constantly.

Yesterday and last night I slept for more than 13 hours … this is not normal!

Just so tired of this crap, it’s unbelievable.

When I had mono I couldn’t get up for 5 weeks