Secret Society

Sometimes, well most the time. I get the feeling that there are people who are in a mental world where everything makes sense to them, but there not schizophrenic. I’m not really sure how to explain it, but I have thoughts that revolve around this connection. I guess like people in the world that are all talking to each other mentally and seeing things clearly all the time that fits in with what there doing and the things around them and the people. Does anyone know what I’m talking about and or are you going through this?

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i’m not quite clear on what you mean? you mean a secret society of telepathic people? well i have been through this but i no longer believe it. they (my voices) pertain to be telepathic but there is never any real proof from the real people that the voices belong to. if there is an attempt at supposed proof it’s always not quite right or just doesn’t happen…very probably because they are just voices. i see mine as personalities, splinters if you will of my own fragmented self. maybe that’s what yours are?

You are not alone my friend.

Sometimes breathing control helps center my thoughts better try it when you’re going too fast.

I am also a bit confused about what is meant by secret society…it sounds like telepathy or maybe remote viewing involved…something Illuminati psychic related?

Or… :flushed:

Well I don’t know why I called it secret society really I just thought it sounded cool, but its just about a delusion that I have sometimes. and jaynebeal for me there is proof that the voices belong to actual people. I currently get responses from people I meet in real life. That’s why its confusing for me, but that’s not to say I can’t live with it. Anyways Thanks for the great responses

Uhh well I have a persistent delusional belief that everyone on earth can hear my thoughts but are strictly forbidden from showing that they do, or reacting to them at all.

It’s TOTALLY fake but it’s like a spot that won’t quite come out no matter how many times you bleach it.

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well i know it can seem real but i highly doubt it is. i don’t mean to make out that you are ill but our brains are hard wired to find patterns in everyday things so if you add sz to that and have hyper awareness of patterns you’re always going to find “proof” where none actually exists. when i heard everybody’s voices around me i could always find “proof” that they were telepathic from their responses to my questions or an action that they performed. but it was total crap. i was floridly psychotic. there may well be secret societies as lunaseer says but, telepathic ones? i don’t actually believe that is possible to be honest. looking at current and past research there doesn’t seem to be much evidence that would support telephone clarity telepathy and if you hear voices then that is what you would supposedly have but i don’t actually think it’s possible tbh. i think what actually happens is that the brain, or rather some parts of it are stuck in r.e.m. sleep states and create these characters or mimic those around us. call it a waking nightmare if you will. whilst we are dreaming our brains can create any character they choose and they di so on a regular basis. think of all the dreams you’ve had where you have conversations with peole you’ve never met. your brain makes up these characters all by itself. they can walk, talk, feel, sing, eat, sleep, taste, touch. they are entirely separate to your own conscious awareness yet all contained within your mind. you a;so dream of people you know, they again have complete (or so it would seem) autonomy and yet it’s your mind that creates them. they can converse on any topic and frequently do. yet they are all controlled by some part of your brain that you are unaware of. it’s fascinating stuff on it’s own without it running while you are awake but in the sz brain, one theory is that this is what os happening. we know there is damage to the brain from research scans. and from one particular small scale study that damage was prevalent in the same areas in all 19 sz’s tested. we don’t actually know if they suffered similar symptoms as this was never published but when you look at delusions that a lot of sz have in common it seems to be the case that damage in those same areas produces similar effects. the problem is that there aren’t enough of these scans to look at. personally if i had the money that’s what i would be doing. looking at brain scans and comparing symptoms. but i think my friend that this is what you have going on in your brain. merely damage to similar parts of the brain as other sz sufferers. no telepathy, no secret society controlling your mind, just brain damage in certain areas that makes you produce these voices. the only mystery to me is how the brain does this and why. that’s it as far as i’m concerned. if you want to believe in a secret telepathic conspiracy then fine but personally i’d be more interested in how my brain came up with my voices and delusions in the first place.