Screw you but really me

Why would you think she wants to be friends with you. Why would you ever think she’d be okay with. She hurt you once she’ll only do it again. That’s why she came back now. You weren’t good enough then and you are certainly not oof enough now

You obviously are having a rough night tonight more than suggest some tea or coffee to help settle the nerves

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What happened? Why don’t you think you’re good enough?

Because I never am

It’s always stabbed in the back. I think things are fine and I’m hapoy and then they get weird and they start hating me. They say I’m bad. I just want them to be happy

I doubt that’s true. Plenty of mentally ill people have significant others. If you want love, don’t give up.

I want to but not enough I guess. I want to go make tra because it sounds good and tastes good and is warm. But I’m stuck on the couch, I can’t move. My fingers can. They can type but only because they’re directly attached to thoughts right now

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The friends I do have I’m scared of bothering. I’m scared ill worry them. I’m scared that I’ll scare them and that they’ll do to me what so many others have

Maybe they have mental illness too if they’re suddenly acting strange

Do you give some space while dating? Do you come on too strong? Just things to think about

It’s not dating I’m worried about. I got married in August and he knows my mental issues. Its my friends. I get so scared with friends.

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Oh, ok. You are good enough to have friends. Just don’t come on too heavy with that stuff. Congrats on getting married!

I usually don’t give advice on this but since I’ve been down this road once before acceptance starts with myself and then work your friends it’s not a game of cat-and-mouse it’s simply Trust and Truth most things are cut and dry when sex can’t be trusted so my advice to you is stabilize your mood listen to people more often and figure them out last

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I’ve had too many really close friens hurt me in bad ways. Not just disagreement ways. Manipulate me, try to get me to do things way, try to make themselves the center of my universe way. Bad bad bad. They hurt me and made me feel like a a monster. I want to trust my new friends.

This is not a friend. Plus, you need to learn boundaries so you’re not taken advantage of.

I’ve listened to people. They were awesome. They were there for me. Then they tried to tell me that I was the reason they tried to hurt themselves I can’t trust that when I listen to them it’s true. I listen to another but they’re awesome and fun to hang out with but then they let another completely degrade me and say really mean things. It happens out of nowhere.

Note the truth can’t be found just anywhere my friend you may have a case of paranoia and a case of fearing companionship these things can be worked out with a therapist when I had this I had to break relationships with some friends

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