I want to be good enough,but felt I am not good enough

I really want to be good enough for my gf,but I felt I am really not good enough for her.I can still improve my work,personal life,communicatio skills and life quality so that I can be good enough for her


Something must have happened between you and your girlfriend because you weren’t like this before you told us about her.


Nothing really new happened.She is socially able and is kinda smart.While I am not a graduate and have some socializing issue,so I felt I am not good enough for her.

@Gtx1990 I don’t understand. You’ve been saying you’ve wanted a girlfriend so that you can have sex with and now you have one. Did you try to pull some moves on her and she rejected you or something?

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She doesn’t know about my mental health issue and she doesn’t know that deep inside I felt I am not good enough for her,I have had sex with her and I love her very much.I am afraid she will find me anxious around other people soon and will leave me,she doesn’t know my diagnosis

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One way or another, you’re going to have to tell her or she’s going to find out herself by the way you are acting. It’s up to you what you want to do.

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I think you should tell her about your diagnosis and your worries.
If she’s a keeper, she’ll appreciate the honesty and have a greater understanding of your struggles than before.

To be honest, I would feel lied to if someone I was dating wasn’t telling me about their mental conditions.


@Gtx1990. It seems like you are being too hard on yourself. Try not to get in the mindset of judging yourself in terms of whether you are “good enough” for someone else.

Successful relationships are not a competition between two people, but rather are based on compatibility and mutual respect.


Have you been out with her around other people? not people either of you know, but like a public place? if yes, how did you do?

Did you go out in public places before you met her?

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