Scoring against the Normies!

So played the first day of a two day cricket game today. It was hot and humid as usual and we fielded first. My team had a great day and we bowled them out for like 60. Anyways I opened as usual and batted really well for a bit. Racked up 17 out of a 24 run opening stand in tough conditions. It was a turf wicket with a bit of odd bounce and slow outfield. All this fitness work is paying off and I thought I had a decent game today! We’ve also won first innings already so all in all a good day amongst the normies!


I have no idea what any of that means, but it sounds positive! Yay!!! Haha I’m glad you had a good day!

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Way to go @rogueone!!! Give em hell!


17 runs off 24 balls …!!! Right…!!!


haha …no 17 out of a 24 run opening stand. I scored 17. Other guy scored 5 and 2 sundries! I was probably scoring at a run a ball. 1 boundary…a delightful shot through point for a 4!


Haha wass up Hasim Amla…!!! Yes u played preety well my big brother…!!! Keep it up…!!! Cricket is my fav game or sport and Australia is my fav team… u go maxwell…!!!


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