A day At the Races!

So another episode in the great game of cricket. Second day of a two dayer and we fielded most of the day. We did some good work and made a game of it even though we were bowled out for 82 and I topped scored with 12. Not proud of that effort but I took a good catch running over my shoulder for my first of the season.

Anyways. Got sent back in for a tricky hours play so we weren’t trying to lose wickets to the opposition. I opened as usual and did well again. Hit a good 22 before I was out trying to hit everything out of the park. I hit one guy for a six so was having some fun…

So Not a bad day’s cricket and the boys on the turf pitch said it was really good. Gotta love that as I’m doing most things myself with my mentor still sick. So I know this doesn’t make much sense to most folk around here but cricket will be the winner eventually. :slight_smile:


I have no idea what your talking about. lol. but I’m glad you had a good day of cricket. :smiley:


This is the title of a Marx Brothers movie, right?

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You’re topic makes no sense to me but I’m glad you had a good time.

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That’s great @rogueone! What a great way to enjoy the day!


He lives in a country where 99.99% of the wildlife is actively trying to kill him. I imagine that sort of thing gets to you at some point and your brain wibbles while you’re talking?!?



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