Scientists Used Fake Hallucinations to Probe the Minds of People With Psychosis


  1. Skinner puts his daughter in a box to see her reaction
  2. Milgram fakes electrocution
  3. Patients are injected with live hepatitis at Willowbrook
  4. Zimbardo fakes prison
  5. APA members design interrogation techniques for DoD
  6. Scientists use fake hallucinations

The ends NEVER justify the means

Where is your anger?


Ya, your interpretation of your “monkey fire” is everything. You will react with fight or flight, or you will react with other emotions, or you won’t react depending on how the individual interprets its forms.

I can go through this city I’m in, and I can observe many people that interpret things to being what they are not while they otherwise show no sign of serious scz but maybe a mild, pseudo form of scz. :thinking: Just because one is not scz doesn’t mean that the mind is something they’ve studied more than an scz who has given a lot of time to the research and thinking about it.

The truth is though that it was always much safer to interpret the voices as being figments of the mind rather than some kind of “wireless transponder” effect or apparition. It’s the difference of living two totally different lives where you are either living according to the values of the voices as being a serious determining effect of what you have done, deserve, and where you should go vs. a life where you are paying attention to the actual data put in front of you, assuming only what is knowable about, and discarding all of the excess rubbish of the “positive effects” of scz such as the space ghost voices or whatever.

After 10 years one winds up in completely different lifestyles depending on which way the voices were interpreted. An scz could be living wealthy with plenty of social affiliations vs. living in poverty or even on the streets.

To follow the suggestions of the lame mind’s scz extra effects is like following google maps to the T around every turn wherever it takes you even right over a cliff. It just has to be understood what a mind can do before anyone can take this journey successfully, and I don’t mean just some substance about the different cortexes and chemical neural stuff. I mean what can a mind’s mental faculties do informationally and logically in regard to the few dozen of categories of experiences that it produces. I mean psychology doesn’t even mention anything about a “logical fallacy” and how that plays a major role in the scz’s delusions and false interpretations, and yet that is the simplest way to describe the experience of scz is through the definition of a logical fallacy.

If one believes logical fallacies, then one is misusing their mind. It’s plain and simple. No mention of this, but the bountiful magic beans are up for sale, and you may not ever figure out the part about how logical fallacies work in the mind, but you sure got more magic beans in new varieties every so often. :smiley:


Come to think of it…people that serve the governments do something similarly to what they did in this experiment. They do psyops where the introduce phony or radical things into a populations environment whether it is information, false flags, fake crises, and all kinds of things you morbid or harmless, and then they observe their reactions. They also do this in order to sway the narrative of the population because introducing new factors and data to a population will adjust its cultural narrative and behavior which is the goal of this kind of department to begin with.

But yes…how does a mind interpret propaganda and logical fallacy or even excess effects from the mind? Very special work.


“This paper does strongly suggest, however, that the most severe effects of psychosis don’t come from having the strongest delusions, but from being more likely to interpret them in disturbing and dangerous ways.”

I can relate to this as well as see it in other people’s posts.


Yes, and that means that the problems are much more informational than I’ve ever seen psychology speak of, doesn’t it? Psychology tends to offer that your ordeal is mechanical and only mechanical, and rarely if ever regards them as having any informational importance. Only someone that studies psychology would understand the difference.

I personally believe that this bias is out of necessity for population control. If everyone starts understanding the informational implications of being a mind, then the logical conclusion is that they may lose control of the population. In other words if I gave you the code, you would go free, and that could be very dangerous on a wide scale according to governments.

By the way government is from the root words Guber and Mente both being Ancient Latin for Mind Control. I kid you not. You can look that up.

(I do not want anyone that can read a lengthy post of mine misinterpreting what I have said. No government is going to fiddle with your mind through thought waves or what now literally inside of your mind, so I want to be clear about what I’m saying especially on an scz site. Thanks :slight_smile: )


I don’t understand what you are saying, but I do agree that it goes beyond what you perceive, and to what you think about what you perceive - would that be meta-perception?

Anyway I think this has to do with your level of anxiety over symptoms. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter, the ultimate mind over matter.


My anxiety? Do I seem anxious?




Not your anxiety specifically. One’s anxiety in a general sense. I don’t know how your anxiety is.